Take a free shuttle to the Guelph Farmers’ Market

It’s been frustrating for market patrons to find their way there with all the construction on Wilson Street…. here’s a temporary solution that hopefully helps! James


Guelph, Ont., July 26, 2018– The Guelph Farmers’ Market is offering a free shuttle service for market customers to get to and from downtown parking lots starting July 28.

“We know the unexpected closure of the Wilson Street sidewalk affects access to the Guelph Farmers’ Market,” says Stacey Dunnigan, manager of Culture and Tourism. “This shuttle will help customers get to the market from any lot downtown.”

The temporary shuttle will be available on Saturday’s until September 1, 2018 from 8 a.m. to noon on a 30-minute schedule. The last pick up from the market will leave at noon. The shuttle will travel to the entrances of the six downtown parking lots:

· Guelph Farmers’ Market, rear lot at Freshfield Street
· Baker Street parking lot, Chapel Lane
· Macdonell Street parking lot
· East Parkade
· Elizabeth Street parking lot
· Neeve Street parking lot
· Fountain Street parking lot

The shuttle holds 16 people and is run by Red Car Service of Guelph.

Weekday downtown parking shuttle

A downtown shuttle runs from the Elizabeth Street parking lot to the Macdonell Street entrance of the Old Quebec Shoppes Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. This shuttle will operate until the West Parkade is reopened. For more information about this shuttle and where to park downtown, visit guelph.ca/parking.


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Fencing around Goldie Mill expanded for structural safety

Of particular interest to Ward Twovians in the South-West corner of our lovely ward:

Repairs to stone ruins and chimney to begin this summer

Guelph, Ont., July 25, 2018 – The City of Guelph is expanding the fenced-off section around the Goldie Mill ruins to address structural concerns identified in an independent engineering report.

Fencing will be expanded to reach about 1.52 metres from the base of the ruins on three sides. The recreational trail will remain open although it may be narrowed at some points.

Repairs to the ruins will include work on the stone walls, horizontal supports and a window as well as work to the top of the chimney. This work is unrelated to the environmental testing and soil remediation work already underway on the site.

The repairs will begin this summer and are expected to be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting.

Earlier this month the City contracted an engineering consultant to complete a condition assessment of the ruins. The assessment identified a number of needed repairs in order to maintain the historic site and to protect people walking in and around the ruins.


For more information

Jean Starchuk
Project Manager, Facilities Renewal, Facilities Management
519-822-1260 extension 2759

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Celebrate John Galt Day at Market Square on August 4


A great family event coming up-

Guelph, Ont., July 23, 2018 – Over the Civic long weekend, on Saturday, August 4, the City will host its annual John Galt Day festivities featuring free activities and family-friendly entertainment in Guelph’s Market Square.

“John Galt Day is a true community celebration,” says Bill Nuhn, manager of Theatres and Civic Events for the City. “We invite the community to join in the festivities and celebrate our great city!”

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the City invites the public to experience:

· Comedy and tricks by Bob Cates, the Canadian juggling champion
· Aerial theatrics by Theatre Arcturus
· KIAM, this year’s Artist in Residence team
· Face painting by Cleo the Clown and her Painting Pals
· T-shirt printing by Jeff Mann of TREAD ON IT! (bring an old t-shirt to print!)

Community members can splash in the Market Square water feature and refill their water bottles at the Water Wagon. Guelph Museums will celebrate John Galt Day with activities and free admission to the museum.
About John Galt

John Galt was a prominent Scottish novelist who founded Guelph in 1827. Galt built an attractive town using a radial design, much like the spokes of a fan. This design for Guelph was innovative in comparison to the gridiron plan of most cities of the time.

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Dry conditions move outside water use level up to yellow


Enforced watering restrictions now in effect

Reduce your water use

Guelph, Ont., July 10, 2018—The City is enforcing watering restrictions for level 1 yellow of the outside water use program because of a lack of rainfall, hot temperatures and increased demands on the water system.

At level 1 yellow, lawn watering is restricted to 7-9 a.m. and 7-9 p.m. on odd or even calendar dates by address number—odd numbered houses are permitted to water on odd numbered dates, and even numbered houses on even dates.
“Despite some recent rain, overall rainfall is still much lower than usual,” said Heather Yates, Supervisor of Water Efficiency. “With hot, dry weather expected to last through the summer, we need residents and businesses to continue their commitment to conserving water both outside and inside to ensure a sustainable water supply.”

Indicators that change local watering restrictions include amount of rain, local river flows and water demands. Current hot and dry conditions, and a weather forecast predicting increased temperatures and low rainfall, are the primary reasons for the current change from blue to yellow.
The last time Guelph’s watering restrictions were in level 1 yellow was in 2016.

The City will continue to monitor conditions and work with the Grand River Conservation Authority to decide whether more changes to local watering restrictions are needed throughout the summer.

Outdoor water uses such as tree and flower or food garden watering, running sprinklers for children’s recreational use, and at–home car washing are still allowed. At–home car washing is only allowed using a hose with a shut–off nozzle or with a bucket of water.

Guelph is a groundwater community. Groundwater comes from rain and melted snow that seeps into open spaces and cracks in soil and rock. That means Guelph’s water supply is limited and dependent on local precipitation, and is why the City promotes responsible and efficient outdoor and indoor water use at all times.
How to report a concern
To report a possible infraction of the outside water use program:
· Call 519-837-2529,
· Use the 311GIS map app, or
· Fill out a report online through the How can we help you tool by clicking on the “Bylaw compliance and concerns” button.

For reasons of privacy, please don’t post pictures of private property to social media to report an infraction. Calling or completing an online request are the fastest and most effective ways to report a concern.

In level 1 yellow, the outside water use program is actively enforced by the City’s bylaw officers. Bylaw officers will issue a fine or court summons for each observed infraction.
Lawn and garden care tips
· Set your mower blade to its highest setting and only your cut your lawn when grass is 7.5 cm (3 inches) tall to grow stronger, deeper roots
· In severe drought it is better for grass health not to mow at all
· If you water your lawn, only do so once per week, use a rain gauge and apply 2.5 cm (1 inch) at the most
· Use oscillating sprinklers that shoot low to the ground instead of fan­–style sprinklers which lose more water to evaporation and wind

· Use mulch in gardens to retain moisture; apply 7-10 cm (3-4 inches) deep
· Use a soaker hose or watering can to water plants at their roots and reduce water lost to evaporation
· Water first thing in the morning; watering at night can lead to plant disease
· Choose drought tolerant plants native to the area



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Riverside Playground is open!

It’s taken a while.. but it’s totally worth it! Check out the new and exciting playground in the Jewel of Ward Two– Riverside Park…. but don’t get overheated!


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Heat warning issued for city of Guelph

Heat warning issued for city of Guelph

Keep cool at air-conditioned City facilities and libraries

Guelph, Ont., June 28, 2018 – Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Guelph. Hot and humid conditions arrive tomorrow and continue through next week.

The City of Guelph reminds residents that air-conditioned City facilities and libraries are open to residents and visitors looking for a place to keep cool during the heat warning. Visit guelph.ca/coolingcentres for a list of locations and hours. Note: some facilities are closed July 1 and/or July 2 for Canada Day.

When it’s hot, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health reminds residents to drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun, and to make a habit of checking on elderly family, friends, and neighbours. It’s also a good idea to plan breaks from the heat by spending a few hours in an air-conditioned spot such as a shopping mall, grocery store, community or recreation centre, place of worship, or public library.

Look for the Blue W decal on business windows in Guelph—including restaurants, City facilities and businesses—to fill your reusable bottle with healthy, safe municipal tap water, free-of-charge as part of the Blue W program. Visit bluew.org for a list of participating locations.

For more information on heat and your health, visit Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health at wdgpublichealth.ca or call toll-free at 1-800-265-7293 extension 4753. For information on pet safety during a heat warning, please contact the Guelph Humane Society at 519-824-3091.


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Evergreen seniors facility to close for six weeks

Some Ward 2 news that will affect quite a few of us who appreciate this great resource.

Evergreen seniors facility to close for six weeks

Parking lot and sidewalk repairs begin July 2

Guelph, Ont., June 18, 2018 – Starting July 2, the City of Guelph will begin repairs of the parking lot and sidewalk at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, located at 683 Woolwich Street.

The work includes:

· Parking lot repairs and repaving

· Sidewalk replacement

· Lighting installation

· Garage waterproofing repairs

As a result of this work, the parking lot and facility will close to the public for about six weeks. The Evergreen Restaurant will also temporarily close as of June 28 at 1 p.m. During the facility closure, the City will do general maintenance work such as cleaning, painting and minor repairs.

Pedestrian and vehicular access to Riverside Residences on the Park will be maintained throughout the project and will be marked by signage. Riverside Park users are reminded to access the park via Marilyn Drive.

During the closure, recreation programming is available at the Victoria Road Recreation Centre or the West End Community Centre. Visit guelph.ca/recreation for more information. Questions about programming offered by the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association should be directed to 519-823-1291.

The work, to be completed by Melrose Paving Company Limited, is expected to be done by August 6, weather depending. The Evergreen Seniors Community Centre and restaurant is expected to reopen on Tuesday, August 7.


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