How to contact your Ward 2 councillors.

James Gordon

519-827-6481 –

Rodrigo Goller

226 821 1146 –

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  1. Would you like to trade blog links?

    I have a News and Politics section on Blog Guelph.

    • The Guelph Chamber of Commerce continues to post comments on politics relating to business, as well as information on our local economy, trends, and business events.

      Continued great job on Ward 2 Blog Ian!

  2. Randy Upper

    please don’t use public funds to repair convent unless lease from Catholic Church is 50 years or more. I admire the architecture and appreciate the history but if the Church wants to demolish it, Is there no other way to have it protected?

  3. Hello – Is there any opportunity to have Councillors actively promote the Smart Changes Environmental Lottery. Over the last three years it has become a solid funding mechanism for local project acceleration. Unfortunately, it is a community-based effort that demands a larger voice of support if it is to succeed into another year. The proceeds are definitely needed as it has already supported close to a dozen projects. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Glynis

  4. Donna Burns

    What is the parking policy now on Guelph streets, someone told me that overnight parking while now allowed although the street signs do not reflect that.

  5. ianward2

    Seasonal overnight on-street parking restrictions resume November 1

    Seasonal overnight on-street parking restrictions resume November 1

    On November 1, enforcement of the City of Guelph’s overnight parking restrictions will resume, prohibiting on-street parking between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

    Residents are advised that overnight parking exemptions are available under certain conditions. For more information or to obtain an exemption contact the City’s By-law Compliance and Enforcement office at 519-836-7275.

    By-law Compliance and Enforcement Officers are available to respond to by-law related concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call 519-836-7275.

  6. Mary Vander Woude

    Just about to head down to the traffic circle meeting. Thought I would double check time and place and in doing so I came across your website.
    I had visited this site a long while back (butterfly garden I think) and I was impressed at how beautifully it has been up-dated.
    I got the information I needed instantly. It’s obvious to me that there is so much more to read investigate on this site.
    I’ll be back. Thank you both for this.
    See ya at the council chambers Mike and Mary

  7. We trust that Ward 2 Councillors have received our invitation to attend the February 24th event on Taxation, Subsidies, and Urban Sprawl, sent by e-mail previously.

    The session is being attended by many councillors and community leaders from communities throughout the Grand River Watershed, but we have yet to confirm attendance from Guelph representatives.

    For further information, in case you have not received the invitation, please contact us at 519 579 1700.

    You may wish to see further information at our Blog: Design and Community, at

  8. Ruth Robertson

    I live in Shelburne and am concerned about the plans for the Quarry and impact it will have on the air, water, safety of the community with this enormous project. I’m not convinced they are honest in their intentions… I’ve seen reports implicating the area between Lake Ontario to Collingwood that could be of interest for fraking for gas… there is another area near Sarnia if I understand it…. In any case I don’t believe it is just gravel they want… and there are only three places in the world that are as perfect for growing potatoes…Shelburne/Aliston, a place in Mexico, and Ireland… Dundalk is the highest location in Ontario, so those rivers are headwatered in this area… let’s hope common sense prevails

  9. Hi
    Would you consider adding to your list of links?
    Our site provides parents in Guelph with a comprehensive resource about family friendly activities and events as well as local resources which help them make the most of their family time.

  10. Aneeta

    I been looking for Gurudwara’s phone number, why its not here?

  11. Have you seen how full the Wilson park is now that it’s open? Now that the nice weather is here the park is always bustling with activity. It’s really nice to see! This Neighbourhood is certainly getting busier, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt crossing the road to get to this lovely park. Could we get a stop sign on Simmonds somewhere near the park? Possibly turning Inverness and Simmonds into a four way stop? I would hate to see an excited child get hurt by a speeding car for us to realize that a safe crossing is needed for this wonderful new park.

  12. Monique Weir

    Sitting On Our Butts – Let’s Not!

    Dear Deuce Denizens,

    Almost every day I’m at one of our local parks with my toddler. As we approach the playground, it’s the height of excitement for my 16-month-old! I’ve learned that playing in the park, however, can be hazardous to his health; this public recreation can mean exposing him to cigarette smoke. Cigarette butts litter the sand or woodchip playground surfaces.

    I’m eager to talk to others who believe children should be able to use playgrounds safely, without second-hand smoke exposure. Let’s discuss the situation and propose possible solutions.


    Your neighbour,

    Monique Weir

  13. Jacquie Norris

    When is the city going to open more roads for better movement of traffic over the Speed River?
    J. Norris

  14. Joanne Ryan

    A heads up for your readers,
    City of Guelph now charging a $3 fee for dropping off yard waste. Those of us who live downtown know that you can only compost so much / get so much into the green bin before you have to load up yard waste to drop off. This fee will likely result in more dumping in parks and along quiet roads. It will definitely result in people stuffing yard waste into the grey bin, thereby costing the city in increaed tipping fees.
    Spread the word. Let’s think of some more proactive solutions.
    J. Ryan

  15. Rosanna

    Hello. We live across the street from Riverside Park and would really like to see street lights installed along the walkway on the east side of the river from Speedvale to Woodlawn. The bridge also needs to be lit up. Solar powered lamp posts could be installed. You should visit the park in the evenings so you can see for yourself the amount of traffic and horseplay. Having the pathway illuminated would not only be beautiful but would make walking through the park much safer.

  16. Jon

    Someone is putting up a cell tower near the daycare at Eastview and Watson. Were any residents consulted? Enough with these bullies!

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