This website is intended to inform the residents of Ward 2 and all the City of Guelph about issues facing our community. It is our hope that we will make regular postings about upcoming dates of importance or items being brought forward to committee or council for consideration.

We strongly encourage citizen input and look forward to hearing from you about your favourite topics.

We do reserve the right to edit any derogatory or misleading comments. Be respectful.

On top of our Council commitments, Councillors are asked to sit on a number of committees and boards.



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  1. Blain Bovee

    A city that outdistances man’s walking powers is a trap for man. -Arnold
    Toynbee, historian (1889-1975)

  2. I just came across your blog by accident, and I’m considerably impressed by your effort to inform your constituents and dialogue with them. Do other members of Guelph City Council also have blogs? If so, is it official policy?

  3. ianward2


    Thank you for the feedback. It’s nice to know that our efforts are appreciated.
    Councillors Leanne Piper and Mike Salisbury both have blogs. Links can be found on the FAQS page.

  4. Hey Ian,

    Thanks for commenting on the budget for my article! Look for it Thursday.