Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting November 14th

Hi there. Andy Van Hellemond and myself will be hosting our annual fall Town Hall meeting Tuesday November 14th at 7 pm in the heart of our ward, The Guelph Youth Music Centre, Cardigan Street, in Rm 108.

We’ll keep it informal, and we’re hoping you have questions and observations about our ward and the City. Save the date and we hope to see you there!  James


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One response to “Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting November 14th

  1. Good meeting, everyone. Thanks Andy and James for hosting. To me, it felt like there was so much to cover, that perhaps the next meeting should be “residents only” without the Guelph Police in the room — just residents talking about their experiences. Then we can take those comments to the GPS, or have another meeting where we share “our list.” When you’re going back-and-forth with the police in the room, the issues are not really coming through clearly. Well, to me they weren’t.

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