Neighbourhood meeting for Ward 2 development proposal

Hi folks…. here’s a kind of late announcement for an important meeting if you live in the Woodlawn/Victoria part of the best ward, ward 2. Hope to see you there.



Neighbourhood Meeting and Open House for
A Revised Development Proposal at 671 VICTORIA ROAD NORTH

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7pm
City Hall, Room 112

Meeting Purpose:
Interested members of the public are invited to view, discuss and comment on a revised development proposal for the property at 671 Victoria Road North, located on the northeast side of Victoria Road between Wideman Boulevard and Mussen Street.

Meeting Format:
The proposed plans will be available to view and the applicant will give a brief presentation outlining the revised proposal at 7:30 pm. The applicant and City Staff will be available to answer questions and listen to your feedback about the proposal from 7pm til 8:30 pm.

Site History:
A rezoning application was filed for this site in March, 2016 and a statutory public meeting on the lands was held on May 9, 2016 for a proposal to create 2 mixed use commercial and residential buildings that were 6 storeys each with a total of 124 apartment units, together with a small 1 storey commercial building. Neighbouring residents raised concerns about this proposal at the public meeting so the applicants have developed an alternative rezoning proposal for the site. Information about this original rezoning application is available on the City’s website,, by searching “current development” and the property’s address, 671 Victoria Road North.

New Proposal:
The revised plans propose a small commercial plaza near the corner of Victoria Road North and Wideman Blvd, with the remaining portion of the site developed with 64 stacked townhouse units, with each building being 4 storeys high (see attached concept plan). This proposal will require rezoning from the current NC-9 (Specialized Neighbourhood Shopping Centre) Zone to a new cluster townhouse zone, with specialized regulations for increased density, increased height, increased building coverage, reduced landscape open space, reduced common amenity area and reduced minimum lot area per unit. If the applicant proceeds with this proposal, the rezoning application will need to be revised and taken back to City Council for a statutory public meeting and then for a decision by Council at a future date.

For more information, please contact:
Katie Nasswetter
Senior Development Planner
519-822-1260, extension 2356


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  1. That’s really thikinng out of the box. Thanks!

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