Holiday waste sorting and collection tips

Happy Holidays Ward Twovians! Looking forward to collaborating with you on making ours the BEST ward in 2017!

Here’s something helpful from the city….all the best

Sorting waste during the holiday season is easy with these holiday waste tips from the City of Guelph.

Be a good sort this holiday
·         Gift wrappings, including wrapping paper, paper tubes, gift bags (not coated in plastic, handles removed), tissue paper, cardboard fruit crates, and cards all go into your blue cart.

·         Poinsettias, natural greenery, and food scraps including fat and grease cleaned up with paper towel go into your green cart.

·         Ribbon, bows, foil wrapping paper, gift bags coated in plastic, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, wood fruit crates, strands of lights, extension cords—aren’t recyclable or compostable—so they go into your grey cart.

·         Don’t pour that turkey fat down the drain! Fat cools and blocks home and City pipes, creating costly problems. Scoop fat with paper towels or newspaper and throw it out with food scraps in your green cart, or pour fat into a sealable container and throw it in your grey cart.

·         Strands of lights and extension cords can be recycled for free, if brought to the Recycling Zone (Gate 3) at 110 Dunlop Drive.

·         Not sure where something goes? Try Sort Right. Just type in the item and we’ll let you know how to reuse, recycle or dispose of it correctly.

Holiday ready at the curb
·         Curbside waste isn’t collected on Boxing Day (December 26) and January 2. Waste collection will be one day later the last week of December and first week of January. Check your collection schedule for details.

·         Please have your carts at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on your collection day.

·         Did you know your cart can be put out at the curb any time after 5 p.m. the evening before your collection day?

·         Not sure what your collection day is? Use the Waste Reminder to search for your waste collection schedule and sign up for email, text or phone reminders.

Christmas tree disposal options
·         Bring your tree to the Waste Resource Innovation Center (110 Dunlop Drive, Gate 3) for free disposal starting in January (a $5 fee applies in December). Remember to remove all ornaments, tinsel and lights.

·         The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington Trees for Tots program is collecting Christmas trees at the curb on Saturday, January 7 for a minimum $10 donation. Register by December 29 at or call 519-826-9551 extension 25.

For more information
Solid Waste Resources



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2 responses to “Holiday waste sorting and collection tips

  1. Vicki Beard

    If you put all bones and meat waste in a bag or container and store them in your freezer the racoons tend to leave your garbage alone. If you forget to put them in the garbage since they’re frozen it won’t matter as much.

    • Dana

      Refinement: keep frozen until just before putting out the garbage. Then triple wrap in newspaper pages. So far we have not had any problems with critters trying to get at the stuff, even though we normally put out the bins the night before.

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