City adds extra buses for summer service

some good news. In my opinion, which isn’t that humble really, I think cutting the frequency of our buses for the summer was one of the biggest mistakes council made at budget time, and we have to take collective responsibility for it. Looking to improve this situation come NEXT budget time in the fall. We thrive more as a city the more ridership we have on public transit, and we won’t increase that ridership until we keep the service reliable and frequent. James
Guelph, Ont., June 28, 2016 – The City of Guelph will add buses to busy routes starting Monday, July 4, in an effort to improve Guelph Transit service for riders.
Additional buses will run weekdays at various times on the following routes:
  • 2A/B West Loop
  • 3B East Loop
  • 5A Gordon
  • 8 Stone Road Mall
  • 10 Imperial
  • 11 Willow West
  • 13 Victoria Road Recreation Centre
These extra buses will allow residents to make connections at Guelph Central Station and the University Centre, and reduce pressures on various routes.
It is anticipated that these additional buses will improve service for riders; however, delays due to construction, detours and traffic congestion may result in unexpected or unavoidable service delays and missed transfers.
The additional buses will be in place from July 4 to September 2.
Regular weekday peak and off-peak service will return on September 6.
For details regarding the service changes, visit




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7 responses to “City adds extra buses for summer service

  1. jim

    Sure lets run a few more empty buses at ever more frequent intervals. Forget the cost.

  2. James Gordon

    Are you a bus rider Jim? The buses are being added because of overloads on existing buses. The routes were chosen because they need to meet a growing demand, not just to drive around empty. When the public learns about increased availability, we’ll get a great ridership, so we will NOT have empty buses. ( we NEVER have empty buses at peak hours ). It’s more cost effective for concerned taxpayers like yourself to have more people riding buses to ease the pressure on our road costs with excessive car traffic. Our greenhouse gas emissions go down with fewer cars, which means less stress on our aging infrastructure. Also as the income gap widens in our city, many can’t afford cars and we need as a city to provide reliable transit for them. If they can’t get to work by transit, they can’t take the jobs, and that effects our economy in many ways. We are not “forgetting the cost”. The cost to the well-being of our community in NOT providing adequate transit outweighs the investment we must make now in our transit system, and the additional revenue from fares offsets that investment by 50 percent. Guelphites by and large are looking for the value they get for their tax dollars, and we’re finding that most would consider this a worthwhile investment. If you don’t rely on public transit, you are one of the fortunate ones, so I hope you don’t begrudge the city efforts to meet the needs of those less fortunate than you. If your tax dollars go towards improving the roads you need to drive your car, then why shouldn’t they go towards improving transit for those who don’t drive cars?

  3. The gap widens for those that cannot afford a car you say? Perhaps they cannot afford a car because their money is eaten up by taxes. There is a lot of negetivaty in your answere to a simple statement. As a Counsellor in this city it would behove you to think of the taxpayer equally as those you consider less fortunate. Frankly, I have yet to see a bus with more than half a dozen(mostly less) unfortunate people on them. No question there is a need for bus service, there is also a need for common sense spending.

    • jamesgordoncouncillor

      thanks for your comments Maria.. I totally agree with you about ‘common sense’ spending. Are you saying that after all the work staff has done to examine service needs with transit, and that after all the councillors and mayor have been besieged with calls from bus riders unable to meet their connections and destinations because of the reduced service, that it would make ‘common sense’ to leave those major routes underserviced? Who does that benefit? I agree with you that some routes are underused. There are plans to streamline the system and to make it more efficient. I think we are on the same side with this. As you say, there is a need for bus service. There is no point offering this service if it does not adequately meet that need. The service was cut by a majority of councillors who believed this was a way to keep our taxes down. In this case, it proved that the small amount we saved with that service cut had a dramatic negative impact on our bus riders. At budget time, I hope to be joining you in examining what is common sense and what we can do in the neverending compromise between keeping our taxes affordable and keeping our city running effectively. In the case of transit, we learned the hard way that cutting too much had too great an impact. We need to find other ways to save. Right now a half-filled bus still has a lighter load on our infrastructure than an equivalent of cars with only one person behind the wheel. I should say that on a councillor’s pay, I can’t afford a car either, and I also struggle with taxes. It’s a fine balance, and I’ll look for your input again at budget time around your ideas about keeping things affordable while leaving no one behind, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do.

  4. Our taxes are not affordable, we are on a fixed income, so far doing O.K. trying to keep our lifestile to what we a used to. No complaints yet, but the way you guys are raising our taxes every year,this could become a worry. Somehow I think you would be happy to see that. You are who you are, we are who we are, both should be respected, not made to feel guilty of what we have.

  5. jamesgordoncouncillor

    agreed thanks Maria. Your perception that you think i would be happy to see your taxes go up is perplexing. In my short term on council, I HAVE seen taxes go up, which no one wants including me, but the increases are totally in line with other communities who are forced to do it as THe price of goods and services goes up too, and our infrastructure strains to meet our growing population. Luckily the value of our homes has risen faster than the property taxes on them, but that doesn’t help everyone. I have also not seen taxes go up to support anything frivolous. We are pretty bare bones in this city, and as you say, you are entitled to disagree with that. take care

  6. Jim

    I have never been a big fan of the “build it and they will come” philosophy. Yes, I have ridden buses and if someone was paying 50% of my fare I could live with 30 minute service rather than 20 minute service. I live in the South end and the buses run full along Gordon at certain times of the day when students are in town, for the 5 months they are not in town they run empty.
    What Councilor Gordon finds essential I often find frivolous.

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