Community meeting May 26th concerning weed spraying on Guelph Junction Railway

Toxic spraying, including RoundUp,  is planned along the Guelph Junction Railway which passes through large sections of Ward 1 and Ward 2. Including right in front of the Guelph Youth Music Centre, behind residences, close to the river and walking trails. The Railway HAS been hearing lots of concern about this, and they appear to be prepared to offer some alternatives.  They have granted a week-long delay in the spraying to allow for more public input. A community meeting is being hosted by Ward 2 Councillor James Gordon on Thursday night the 26th in  Rm 204 7:30 pm at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. City and GJR representatives will be there. We urge you to attend and to spread the word! 



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13 responses to “Community meeting May 26th concerning weed spraying on Guelph Junction Railway

  1. j

    This endangers health. No toxic spraying. Find environmentally friendly alternative.

  2. JH

    Toxic? Roundup is approved for use by Health Canada. Guelph has many real problems, only the gaggle of 7 has time for nonproblems

    • j

      Why would they say toxic if not? RoundUp is only of the stuff their spraying based on the statement.

      Yes. There are other issues that need to be addressed, and weed spraying is not that important.

  3. Why would anybody worry about once a year spraying, when the train travels twice a day spewining it,s toxic diesel fumes? We have no problem with the spraying, we have no problem with the train. You have a problem, those that attend will make you look good because you do not like the spraying. Those of us who could not care less will not be there . Frankly, you do not want us there.

    • jamesgordoncouncillor

      Hi Maria, thanks for your input. I hope you DO attend tonight. You would be most welcome. My job as councillor in this case is to not express my own opinion but rather to offer Ward 2 residents an opportunity to voice their opinions, for staff to hear their concerns and to give the railway a chance to state their position. If you classify yourself as someone “who could not care less”, I guess it might not make sense for you to make the effort to attend. I’m not sure where you got the idea that I don’t want all voices there. You are correct that it’s hard for me to engage with people who state that they ‘don’t care’. You DID go to the trouble of posting on my blog, so you must care just a little, so again, you and anyone in FAVOUR of chemical spraying would be encouraged to voice their view. That’s what democracy is all about, and that’s why I signed up for this job!

  4. If the railway sprayed every week or even month I would have a concern, as I said, once a year???. Not really. There are more important things to worry about in this city. As for democracy??? walking out on a important meeting to avoid a vote, is not democracy in my book.

    • jamesgordoncouncillor

      Thanks for your response Maria. You must have been reading the Guelph Speaks blog to glean your opinion about ‘walking out of a meeting’. I cannot reveal details of that meeting since it was an in-camera session. Mr. Barker made an assumption based on illegally leaked information. His assumption is not correct. Unfortunately I can’t say what my motivation was. I CAN say that ‘ avoiding a vote’ wasn’t it. Democracy means we get to make our own choices about our decisions and actions. I made mine. You are choosing to ‘not care less’ about the spraying. That’s your right. Many citizens DO care, which is why I found a way to let them use THEIR democratic right and provide a setting where their voices can be heard. Again, you are welcome to attend, and I’m still interested to learn where you heard that you were “not wanted’ at the meeting. I’m hoping to hear a diversity of opinions tonight. You are choosing to voice yours through your comments on THIS blog, and I’m appreciating that you are more polite in your tone, and a much better speller, than the many who use the Guelph Speaks blog to attack me for such immature things as my height, my hair, my clothing style, my profession, and fabricated stories about me. Every Thursday morning I host a fully democratic open conversation at 8 am at Breezy Corners. I’d urge you to attend. We’ve had quite a few of the Guelph Speaks gang attend and their perspective has been welcomed, though inexplicably just hosting it has led to attacks on that blog too!

  5. Ward 2 Constituent

    Just a couple of comments on this subject. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other as far as what the GJR decides to use to control weeds along the rail/trail system. I understand there are people who feel strongly about pesticide use and clearly those people will be at the meeting in force. I would never consider attending the meeting (not being in the majority), but thought I would voice my ‘indifference’. More importantly for anyone wanting to attend the meeting, I thought it was tomorrow night (Thursday), but in your reply comments you noted twice that the meeting is tonight…..? Can you confirm please?

    • Ward 2 Constituent

      Everything else posted is noting Thursday, May 26th, so I’m guessing that’s the correct day!

    • jamesgordoncouncillor

      Oh dear yes you are right .. it IS tomorrow night.. sorry for the confusion. If you aren’t coming because you think your view is in a minority, then the democratic process is undermined. If you have an opinion I urge you to come and raise it. I expect that there will be many differing opinions. Yours would be valued!

  6. Yes, we read Guelph Speaks as do you, We also read the Tribune, we also read Guelph Today as well we take time to watch, on Rogers twice a month ,our City council meetings. So we see two sides of the coin so to speak. Hopefully you realize, we are concerned about our City and how it is run. So far we are not impressed.

    • jamesgordoncouncillor

      Hi Maria… finally we have something in common! I too am concerned about our city. Hoping we can all work together to find ways that we can all thrive in these challenging times. Addressing climate change, our infrastructure, the stress on our transit system and the demands for more services and facilities to serve our growing population, we have a lot to deal with, especially after the Mike Harris government downloaded so many new responsibilities onto our already stretched municipalities. We all want to find ways to meet these challenges, provide the best value we can for our tax dollars, and make sure our most vulnerable citizens are not left behind. I think we’ll function more effectively is we recognize our common goals instead of dividing into factions!

      • Ron

        You only have to go back as far as the last council to find someone to blame for the financial woes that now confront the city. Blaming Harris is a little like beating a dead horse. The responsibilities they “downloaded” are no longer new; they are in fact now decades old.

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