Guelph Energy Efficiency Retrofit Strategy (GEERS) discussed at council May 24

Hi again Twoville. I want to let you know about an important council meeting this coming Tuesday may 24 at 7 pm concerning the GEERS program, which if implemented would be a major component of our Community Energy Initiative in dealing with Climate Change. Basically the plan would make retrofitting homes with energy saving measures much more affordable for all. THere is much more information about it starting at page 125 of this document.

City Council seems divided on whether we should institute a pilot project to test this programme out. If you have an opinion to express about it, I urge you to attend the meeting, and to speak to council about it. You’ll have 5 minutes, and you need to register by 9 a.m. this Friday. Your voice matters. I hope to see you there




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One response to “Guelph Energy Efficiency Retrofit Strategy (GEERS) discussed at council May 24

  1. JH

    All of the services suggested for GEERS are available NOW in the private sector. Why does the City feel the need to enter the energy audit and banking business? Credit for home improvements are available to all credit worthy citizens. Does the City plan to make loans to those not credit worthy?
    Given this City’s track record with visionary programs this initiative has the potential to be the largest most expensive boondoggle EVER. Even the brightest orange members of Council must see some serious problems with this foolish idea.

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