Residential plow out scheduled for this evening


Residents reminded to move cars off streets by 11 p.m.

Guelph, Ontario, January 12, 2016 – A residential plow out is scheduled to start at approximately 11 p.m. tonight and will continue until all roads are completed. To accommodate the plow-out, residents are reminded to move cars off the streets from 11 p.m. until the plow-out is completed in the morning to allow plows to pass.

Residents are also advised to remove accumulated snow at the foot of their driveways before it freezes. This row of snow—known as a ‘windrow’—is likely to freeze when temperatures drop overnight. Seniors and residents with a disability who are unable to remove the windrow are reminded about Snow Angels—a volunteer-based service that can help. Information about Snow Angels can be found

Get tips on driving safely at and parking information at

Continue to check, Facebook and Twitter for updates about City services that might be affected by the weather including transit, solid waste pick-up, and others.

For more information

MaryJo Milhomens, Communications Supervisor
Corporate Communications and Customer Service
519-822-1260 extension 3444


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