capital Budget

Dear Ward Twovians… It’s budget season….. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the proposed capital budget… as a council we’ll be debating it in the coming weeks…… It’s all available at the website…. and it might be helpful to start with the introduction at

There is a forum for asking questions of staff on the website too, and if you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please send them to




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  1. Laura Murr

    Hi James I notice that there is a recommendation to reduce transit on weekends. I cannot support this as there are people who are dependant on transit 7 days a week. A quick question about the transit budget – are we still giving free transit rides to Guelph Storm Ticket holders to get downtown to games ?? How is this supportable when there are people who struggle just to pay their fares to get to work. How much is this perk to Guelph Storm riders costing us? Laura

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