Residential Waste COllection update….

Hey Ward Twovians…. give yourself the day off! Be safe!

Here’s a note about city Waste Collection in this storm aftermath… all schools are closed…. city buildings are open but only with essential services…


We are collecting this morning but due to the weather are experiencing delays.

If you receive calls from residents please ask them when they are setting their carts out to place them 5-6 feet (1.5 metres) back from the mouth of their driveways so that it does not impact snow clearing operations, or if they have enough space in their cart and can wait 2 weeks to set out their blue or grey cart or 1 week for their green cart to set it out on their next collection day.

We expect to collect at almost all of the approximately 9,000 homes we are scheduled to collect at today.   Unfortunately, vehicles are stuck in roadways on side streets which have not been cleared and some multi-residential properties we could not get into as we were concerned of trucks getting stuck. The areas that we may not get to today will be collected tomorrow when the snow has been cleared.

For carts that were knocked over by plows we have asked our staff to pick them up and ensure their waste is collected.

Downtown we could not see all of the waste as it was buried in snow and our drivers were asked to collect everything they could see. If residents or merchants have cardboard that was not collected (there is some buried in the snow) they can put it out again once the snow is cleared and we will collect it tomorrow morning.

If anyone has further questions, please email me.



Dean F. Wyman

General Manager

Solid Waste Resources Department

City of Guelph

P: 519-822-1260 ext.2053

F: 519-767-1660


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