City testing municipal well for leaks

Speed River may show red tint from dye tracer test

Guelph, ON, January 27, 2015—The City of Guelph and Stantec Consulting Ltd. will be using a safe and environmentally-friendly fluorescing dye to test for a leak in a municipal production well along Water Street. During testing, a red tint may occasionally be observed in the Speed River near the east Wellington Street off–ramp of the Hanlon Parkway. Testing will begin Wednesday, January 28 and will be ongoing for a period of approximately four weeks.

The dye tracer test is a common procedure used to determine time and/or flow of water travel in groundwater. Dye will be added to the well between the inner lining of the well and its outer wall. Water from this well water is being diverted to the storm sewer and the dye will not enter the water supply.

If there is a leak in the lining, the dye is expected to reach the river and will result in a temporary tint near the storm sewer outfall. The dye dilutes quickly as it moves downstream, eventually becoming invisible. The dye is harmless to aquatic life and does not reduce the dissolved oxygen level in the river.

For more information

Peter Busatto
General Manager

Water Services

519-822-1260  extension 2165


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