chemical incident this morning- Royal Rd

From the Guelph Fire Dept.


Chemical Plant Incident.

AOC Chemical Resin Technology 38 Royal Road

GUELPH, ON, January 18, 2015 –at 8:11 am, the Guelph Fire Department responded to a report of an overheated chemical vat, at the above noted location. Units from Wyndham St, Imperial Rd and Speedvale Ave, along with Hazmat technicians from this department, arrived at the scene and found steam coming from a 80,000 kilo vat. This vat contained phthaluic anhydride, a chemical used to make resins.

This department contacted chemical experts for more information on this chemical. They informed us that there were no explosive concerns. The concerns were inhalation in close proximity to the chemical. This chemical was also deemed corrosive. In consultation with experts , on site  supervisors and employees, it was decided that shutting down the vat and it’s heating system then cooling the tank with water from the outside, was the best course of action.

There were no injuries; all personnel were evacuated from the plant.

Also on scene was Guelph Wellington Emergency Medical Service.


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