would a traffic innovation like this work in Guelph?




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2 responses to “would a traffic innovation like this work in Guelph?

  1. Mork

    YES! Bring it on. Best thing ever!! Awesome to make the city more human scale-friendly!

  2. Guelph Bikes

    What are you asking here? The Woonerf design is typical in Dutch residential neighbourhoods and is not implemented in areas where there is large volumes of traffic. What neighbourhood in Guelph would you be proposing this design for? We do not have highly dense neighbourhoods in Guelph. Or are you asking if this design should be implemented on major arterials in Guelph to control traffic? The Dutch do not use bicycles to control traffic. As the volume and speed of traffic increases on roads in Holland the Dutch physically separate cyclists and pedestrians from automobiles.

    If you are saying we could learn from the Dutch standard of transportation design, then I agree but let’s make sure we are familiar with the principals of Dutch road design. The primary principal of Dutch road design is to provide safe, efficient, appropriate transportation options for all modes of transportation and that often means physically separating cars from cyclists and pedestrians. The Woonerf design is appropriate for dense residential neighbourhoods, like in Toronto.

    Complete Streets should have a place in Guelph and the Dutch model isn’t a bad place to look but let’s make sure we follow the Dutch example and make Guelph a good place for cyclists and pedestrians, not a bad place for cars.

    Unfortunately these musings are all academic. With half of the new city council voting against even taking a look at expanding the cycling and walking network in Guelph at the December 15th council meeting, it appears that Guelph gets to pretend for another four years that it’s progressive while real opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of Guelph are ignored.

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