Cool Neighbourhood Christmas activity in Exhibition Park area

Living Advent Calendar 2014
 Exhibition Park Neighbourhood Group invites you to enjoy our advent windows — a new one revealed every evening!– A combination of Ward 2 and Ward 3 addresses.
One New Window revealed every night..
Dec 1st: 51 Exhibition Street
Dec 2nd: 43 Mctague
Dec 3rd: 21 McTague Street
Dec 4th: 46 Mont Street
Dec 5th: 25 Stull Avenue
Dec 6th: 14 Tiffany Street West
Dec 7th: 76 Lyon Avenue
Dec 8th: 42 Extra Street
Dec 9th: 45 Exhibition Street
Dec 10th: 463 Woolwich Street
Dec 11th: 56 Tiffany St East
Dec 12th: 247 Suffolk Street West
Dec 13th: 23 Campion Avenue
Dec 14th: 45 Tiffany St West
Dec 15th: 14 Kathleen Street
Dec 16th: 20 Central Street
Dec 17th: 53 Lyon Avenue
Dec 18th: 48 Mont Street
Dec 19th: 16 Dufferin Street
Dec 20th: 156 Dufferin Street
Dec 21st:  52 Division Street
Dec 22nd: 36 McTague Street
Dec 23rd: 24 Green Street
Dec 24th: 297 Woolwich St / The Children’s Art Factory!



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One response to “Cool Neighbourhood Christmas activity in Exhibition Park area

  1. SG

    All the best Ian! Welcome aboard James! Ian thanks for all your hard work, integrity and vision. I still remember working with you on the Big Box issue. This shows how much you really cared about Guelph and the importance of citizen’s being invloved in their community. As a councillor you contiued with this passion.

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