City receives heritage landscape award for Market Square design

Press release.

he design, preservation and enhancement of Guelph’s Market Square has earned the City a heritage landscape award.

The City, along with Janet Rosenberg and Associates, was presented the
Margaret and Nicholas Hill Cultural Heritage Landscape Award
last Friday at the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario’s seventh annual awards dinner in Toronto.

Named for Margaret and Nicholas Hill, the award recognizes an individual, group, or project that has heightened awareness and appreciation of Ontario’s significant landscapes, or endeavoured to preserve a noteworthy example of the product of human interaction.

“The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario applauds the City of Guelph for its vision and commitment in creating this wonderful space with its combination of heritage and community pleasure,” said Susan Ratcliffe, awards committee chair.

Accepting the award on behalf of the City was Councillor Leanne Piper and Ian Panabaker, corporate manager of Downtown Renewal. Janet Rosenberg accepted the award on behalf of Janet Rosenberg and Associates for its work on the Square’s landscape design.

About Market Square

Guelph’s Market Square is a modern interpretation of the City’s original downtown Market Place district. The central feature is an outdoor skating rink and water feature surrounded by stone benches, native trees and plants. Throughout the year, Market Square is home to festivals, concerts, community events and civic celebrations.

About the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario is the province’s principal non-government volunteer organization dedicated to the conservation of built heritage. ACO’s awards honour preservation leaders, projects and initiatives that are worthy of provincial recognition for their contribution to architectural conservation in Ontario.

ACO strives to bring province-wide attention to the achievements of its award nominees. Their work provides models for others and is marked by innovative strategies, long-term leadership, significant restoration work or any service in the cause of heritage conservation that are worthy of being honoured.


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