City staff will recommend Ward 3 recount

Press release.

The City Clerk’s office has begun to prepare for a Ward 3 recount in the event Council endorses staff’s recommendation to initiate a recount at its November 17 meeting. If it does, that recount would take place November 18.

The staff recommendation will form part of a report for Council that will be brought forth at the November 17 Council meeting – the first meeting of Council to take place following last week’s election.

If endorsed, the Ward 3 recount would include all ballots cast during the internet voting period, advanced in-person days and on election day, and be counted in the same manner they were on October 27. This means that all ballots cast in-person from Ward 3 would be put through the tabulators by City staff. Once complete, the tabulators would be closed and results entered into the results reporting system. In addition, the online ballots for Ward 3 would be re-uploaded. The results would be confirmed by the City Clerk and declared final.

While the decision for the recount remains with City Council, City staff is using the time leading up to the November 17 meeting to prepare for a recount with the intention of executing it promptly on November 18. According to the Municipal Elections Act, the City would have 15 days in which to execute the recount after Council has directed it but recognizing the desire of candidates, Ward 3 residents and community at large to know the results, City staff has begun the preparation.


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