The Sausage Party of Guelph

For some time now, Grass Roots Guelph has been critical of Guelph’s political leadership.

For the 2014 municipal election, GRG has promoted an ideology with a slate of candidates that will take Guelph in a very different direction.

This radical political alternative requires scrutiny.

The Sausage Party of Guelph is a satirical look at Grass Roots Guelph and their ideology.

Below are a sampling of Sausage Party of Guelph tweets. Follow @SausagePartyG on Twitter.

Warning: Sausage Party of Guelph tweets have been described as juvenile, immature and unprofessional.


The #SausageParty of Guelph. Knowing what’s best for Guelph’s future since the 1950’s.
— Guelph Sausage Party (@SausagePartyG) September 21, 2014


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