Transformation in Local Government

Good work happening here in Guelph. Memo from Staff.

You will find an article which I authored in your October edition of Municipal World Magazine. It is entitled `Transformation in Local Government. `The Editors wrote a tag line that reads `Municipalities must sink or swim, adapt or fail, as old systems are being challenged by new realities.`

The contents of the article will be very familiar to you; it echo’s much of the writing and conversations we have had together about transforming our organization. Specifically, the article defines the shift municipal governments are facing, speaks favourably about our Guelph vision `Making a difference….`and how our community`s DNA is about innovation.

Further, I outline the transformational leadership characteristics that we have discussed over the last year and are echoing in the soon to be signed off Leadership Charter for staff.

Specifically, I encourage the need for public service leaders to:

1. Be open, share knowledge and provide context

2. Let go, listen deeply, grow empathy and lead from the heart

3. Create a culture of safe-fail and courage

4. Be bold, creative and disruptive – and drop the perfection

5. Be informed and part of the community

6. Pause, breath and be open.

MW-Oct2014 Pappert


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