Message of Appreciation from senior management

From management to all City Staff.

In three weeks we’re going to the polls.

Election seasons are habitually hard on government employees. Scrutiny is intense, public and media attention is at its peak. During these days we must elevate and celebrate the exceptional everyday work you do at the City of Guelph.

From the minute our citizens wake up we affect their lives; we are the custodians of our city. We take care of the infrastructure of our citizens’ lives.

From the lights they turn on to the water they use to brush their teeth. As they leave their house and the recycling gets picked up from well-maintained curbs by trucks navigating well-paved streets. Whether by foot, bike, car or transit we provide the paths, lanes and roads that connect them. Our parks provide neighbourhood life, our programs offer recreation, and our facilities bring the city together for sport and culture.

It often goes without thanks, but it is forever important.

You make this city work. For every hiccup or mistake commented upon in public media, there are literally thousands of acts of public service that go unheralded.

Rest assured your work is appreciated. I thank you for being exceptional every day. Your colleagues appreciate the effort and so do your friends, family and neighbours. Whether you drive a truck, lawnmower, bus or swivel chair, you perform your duties with dignity and integrity.

While we welcome and respond to the scrutiny and added attention, your city respects and thanks you for keeping the lights on, the water running, the doors open, and on and on and on.

Take good care, be well.


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One response to “Message of Appreciation from senior management

  1. SG

    I couldn’t agree more, the City of Guelph is very fortunate to have, professional and dedicated staff on board. As citizens of Guelph we should count ourselves lucky to have the city staff we do have, their jobs are not always easy nor glamourous at the best of times, but they give us their best. The election is upon us, so to all remember how lucky we are in this city to have we have. Thank-you to all who make this city a great place to live!

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