City planting trees during National Forest Week

Press release.

In celebration of National Forest Week, September 21 to 27, the City is planting trees as part of the emerald ash borer (EAB) canopy recovery program in the Clairfield West neighbourhood.

Staff will be planting 366 trees including: silver maple, red maple, sugar maple, hackberry, serviceberry, red oak, and tulip tree.

Tree planting will continue until the end of October and will include parks and ash dominated neighbourhoods throughout the city.

“As part of the City’s Emerald Ash Borer Plan we are undertaking canopy recovery tree plantings to replace those trees impacted by EAB,” explained Martin Neumann, manager of Forestry. “City staff is planting trees during National Forest Week to celebrate the importance of our urban forest, and to recognize we all have a role to play in keeping our trees healthy.”

Guelph’s EAB Plan is a component of the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan, which strives to increase tree canopy.

The EAB plan includes the treatment, removal and replacement of City-owned ash trees. While the plan outlines measures to be taken for trees on City property, much of the community’s urban forest is located on private land. Residents can contact a certified arborist to arrange an inspection of an ash tree on their property. If an ash tree does not show signs of EAB infestation treatment is likely still an option.

Information about EAB and the City’s EAB Plan is available at


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