Best wishes

From the good folks of Guelph.

I have to say I always thought I’d get to vote for you as Mayor

This is a sad day for Guelph…but hopefully a great day for you and your family

…as a new door of possibilities and a whole new adventure unfold.


Hi Ian: While sad to hear that you are departing your City role which means your role on the library board, I congratulate you on making such a large change for yourself and your family. It takes courage, especially when you have been successful and good at serving in a public role. Wishing you the best as you discover what life after the City will mean for you….. JM


I know you have your reasons, but your voice will be a huge loss for this city TD


Just read about your decision not to run again. It’s too bad for the city. While I didn’t always agree with your decisions, you brought a thoughtful researched view to the table.

Thanks for your contribution to our city. PQ


I hadn’t heard this news. Ian, your insight into the mysterious ways of city hall, your humour, and your dedication to the GPL will be missed. But maybe not. WIll you consider joining the board? KS


I just read on-line (I am up in Kincardine) that you will not be seeking  re-election and wish to give you my best in your future endeavours. I feel that  you have much to be proud of during your two terms and know that you will be  missed around the council seat. There were many times that you took interest in
my concerns and responded to my emails and that was much appreciated.LP


Ian, thank you for all that you have contributed – to GPL and to the city as a whole.  We have been truly lucky to have your skill and perspective at the table.  I look forward to see what adventures you take on next. AM


I am sincerely appreciative of your work on City Council over these many years  and for your commitment to our community.

That said, I am really going to miss you at the table and am sad that you are  not running again.

Thank you for your faith and support. I am grateful. AP


‎Notwithstanding your decision not to run for council next term I will miss your presence around the horseshoe and at City Hall. MA


just read the news I’m sorry I won’t be working with you on the Elliott Board in the future, really enjoyed your company.

I know we’ll be seeing you around Guelph downtown.

Best of luck in your future endeavors SW


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  1. Helen

    Really appreciate all the hard work on our behalf! Best wishes in the coming months….

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