The Guelph difference: A discussion paper

From the Mayor’s office.

I am pleased to share this discussion paper,
The Guelph difference: economic growth and prosperity
with you.

This is one of a series of discussion papers the City is producing that aim to tell the big-picture story of what makes Guelph different, and why. The papers provide the larger context of how the City’s various initiatives and plans fit together – from growth planning and downtown renewal, to economic development and new financing models, to community energy and wellbeing.

This discussion paper is an outcome of the two Economic Summits held in Guelph in 2013 and 2014. Participants agreed that, while Guelph’s economic development strategy in on the right track, we could do a better job of telling our story. The paper was developed through interviews and research, and presented to a group of local leaders at a Mayor’s Round Table gathering in June.

On the City’s behalf I have also shared this paper with a number of community leaders and stakeholders.  KF


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