5 Arthur Riverwalk

A resident’s perspective.

I am writing in regard to a resident’s letter that was posted in Councillor Findlay’s blog today, August 20, 2014.

The writer, HW, raises concerns with the staff proposal to leave the 15-metre “Riverwalk” adjacent to the 5 Arthur development in the hands of the developer. I fully support this writer’s position and agree that the city should be taking all necessary steps to acquire this riverside land for use as a public park.

I am, frankly, surprised that the idea of leaving the land with the developer would even have been considered, nevermind recommended. The city has long proceeded on the principle that riverside lands should be held and administered as a public amenity. This past conduct has given us the riverside parks that we enjoy today, and has guaranteed public enjoyment of and access to our river system. As this parcel of land is one of the few remaining that have not been yet been added to city inventory, it only makes sense to move on it now that the opportunity has presented itself. I suspect that if the city does not act at this time, the opportunity to acquire this land will not arise again.

The principles that led the city to designate the Wellington triangle lands at Wellington and Gordon as a long-range site for parkland apply with equal strength as concerns this parcel. To be honest, I cannot even imagine why the developer might want to own the riverside lands, given the sheer number of non-residents who are expected to use them.

I hope you will take these concerns under advisement when reviewing the staff proposal for this property. Thank you for your time. LW


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