City administration and ATU Local 1189 to meet this week

Press release.

In a joint announcement, the City of Guelph and Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1189 are letting the public know they will be meeting this week with regards to the current lockout of Guelph Transit’s union employees.

“We believe there is a way to end this lockout and get Guelph Transit running again soon,” said the City’s Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert. “We are hoping to see a reasonable and affordable counter-offer presented by the ATU Local 1189 executive that clearly represents the objectives of their membership.”

“We want to be working and serving our community,” said ATU Local 1189 President Andrew Cleary. “Any step that can help us move towards that goal is one we’re willing to consider.”

During this period of negotiations, the City and ATU Local 1189 will not be commenting to the media.



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3 responses to “City administration and ATU Local 1189 to meet this week

  1. A nice touch would be for the Police or security-dudes to stop filming the drivers’ protests. Sat. had all of 4 drivers and a puppy, and these unsmiling goobers were taping it all. Is the City trying to goad the Union into doing something sinister?

  2. Ask yourself how much the city is spending on police and security through this…. Nothing like having the “exciting” chance to flex a little muscle when yer da boss, right?

    Money clearly isn’t what the city really cares about… Raises all around, in fact! Except the drivers… That would mean an “unacceptable” raise in taxes (funny how they never seem to fret about the taxpayers come time for their own raises….)

  3. geo

    It’s true. Farbridge gave herself a $22,000/yr raise without batting an eyelash.

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