Downey Road – Response letter and table

Staff memo

As you may recall, on June 18, City staff met with 35 residents to listen to their concerns about traffic issues in the Kortright Hills/Downey road area.

Since then, we’ve also heard from several residents who support installing bike lanes on Downey Road, and we expect there will be delegations advocating several different options for Downey Road during Monday’s Council meeting.

Attached you’ll find a copy of the City’s letter response to the people who participated in the neighbourhood tour, and a table documenting each of the concerns expressed that day, along with the City’s response. In short:

· Guelph Police Services understand there are trouble spots in the neighbourhood, and will enforce speeding, truck traffic laws.

· The City is contacting tenants in the Hanlon Creek Business Park and reminding them to use approved truck routes The City is considering additional pedestrian crossings that could reduce speeding and improve walkability in the area (to be considered as part of the capital budget process)

· MTO plans to eliminate the connection between Downey/Kortright and the northern section of the Hanlon Expressway to encourage greater use of the Laird interchange and reduce cut-through traffic on Downey Road. Timing of this work is not known, and is outside the control of the City of Guelph.

· Downey is a critical part of Guelph’s transportation network – a network that’s connected to regional and provincial transportation systems. The road provides an essential connection between Guelph and other communities.

City staff believe it is appropriate to implement the Council-approved Cycling Master Plan, and have Downey Road function like other arterial roads across the city; providing safe, efficient travel for motorists, cyclist and pedestrians.

Of course we welcome input and feedback from the community and City Council. We will promote opportunities to participate in the capital budget process and notify residents of any proposed changes.

Letter_Downey Road Neighbourhood Visit


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One response to “Downey Road – Response letter and table

  1. Jean

    I don’t know why Guelph city staff are telling people that enforcement is the answer to some of the problems on Downey Rd. I am sure that most people who are concerned about speeders in the neighbourhood are not aware that there used to be 14 traffic enforcement officers — now there are only 8 That’s a reduction of 6 officers in a growing city with more roads and traffic every year. There is also only one half time officer there used to be one full officer. The lack of traffic enforcement officers on the road has been brought to city staff. They are aware of this lack and yet they still promote the idea that enforcement will help. How when there are so few traffic officers in a growing city.
    Are you as a council member aware of the decreased numbers of traffic enforcement officers despite an increase in population. Also who made this decision to decrease the numbers and why. Please answer this question as those of us that live on busy streets with speeders would like an answer to this question.
    Also are you aware that the radar speed sign that is a so called deterrent to speeders no longer records the number of cars and their speeds because the machine that records this data is not working. Why hasn’t it been replaced. It would seem a very good way to record data on speeds and traffic numbers on the busiest streets in order to determine if the street needs more enforcement and/or traffic calming. But I guess that if the city knew where the streets were with the highest volumes and worst speeding were they would have to do something concrete about it. Maybe even do some form of traffic calming or community safety zones that double the fines for speeding. But then you need an adequate number of police officers to actual be out there to charge the speeders. I quite frankly feel sorry for the police as I am sure they hear all the complaints.
    Since this is an election year perhaps council member who would like to be re-elected should consider how they are going to deal with these types of problems. Placating letters from staff are not enough. You are the ones who approve the budget. Get an update electronic radar sign that records data. Staff have indicated that they will be reviewing the traffic calming policy in the fall – how do you intend to decide which streets need calming without objective data.

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