Stop The Guelph Lock Out


From a resident.

I am a community member here in Guelph and completely shocked and appalled that a lock out would even be considered for an essential service like the Guelph Transit.

In the end, the people that are losing out are the working class people that keep the economy going all year round, the students that are desperately trying to save up for tuition fees, the lower class individuals who rely entirely on transit transportation because cabs are inaccessible, and the transit drivers and their families.

The city of Guelph is saving money with this lock-out and I think that is disgusting.

It is your job to ensure that the city is in working order for EVERYONE.

Get negotiations back up and running before poverty becomes a bigger issue.  RL



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3 responses to “Stop The Guelph Lock Out

  1. I don’t believe that the Mayor has ever had a job that didn’t involve some form of siphoning off of public funds, and that she just doesn’t get it. People who drive should not be legislating against people on buses.

    • P.D.

      Unfortunately the city and the mayor are not at fault here. The union has delayed the negotiations have changed their demands constantly and have dragged their feet over this hoping the city will continue to placate and bow to them.

      The Union is to blame for the lockout. Their end-game seems to be to delay until September when school and university starts. Then not only will the citizens be inconvenienced but so will all of the students who use Guelph transit.

      We should be all over the Union on this. The Union needs to get back to the table and actually negotiate not sit on their thumbs. It seems that the union exec has no idea what their membership really wants. Is the union really looking out for its membership? It seems that the union wants to increase our taxes by over 2% and NOT give us anything in return.

      • What a pile of crap. No one is absolving the drivers; they are being critical of the City for waging war on the poor. They could have fought Waste or Parks and Rec. or the outside workers, but they are so stupid that they didn’t even see what the ramifications of their actions would be. Fire the Mayor, fire the CAO, fire anyone responsible for this debacle.

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