Date set for damages trial between City and Urbacon

Press release.

During tonight’s closed session of City Council, City staff provided an update regarding ongoing litigation between the City and
Urbacon—the contractor hired to build City Hall and Guelph’s   rovincial Offences Court.
On March 31, the court decided the City did not have the right to terminate Urbacon from the project. The reasons for that decision were released on June 17.
A trial to determine whether the City will be required to pay damages to Urbacon is scheduled to start on October 14, and is expected to take place over three to four weeks. The result of the trial, including the amount of damages to be paid, is likely to be released by the court in late 2014 or early 2015. If the City decides to appeal any ruling in the case, the appeal would take place after receiving and reviewing the result of the damages trial.
Guelph’s Chief Administrative Officer, Ann Pappert explains, “The City is prepared to negotiate with Urbacon in hopes of resolving the matter and minimizing the financial impact on Guelph taxpayers.”
As the case proceeds, the City will continue providing regular updates to City Council and the community


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One response to “Date set for damages trial between City and Urbacon

  1. geo

    Farbridge and Pappert should do the right thing and resign. Allow the City to enter the damages phase of the trial with some competent responsible people at the helm.

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