City preparing to lock out Transit union members on July 14

Press release

Today, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1189 members voted to reject the City of Guelph’s final contract offer.

The City believes it has exhausted all traditional negotiation options and, with the support of Guelph City Council, made the difficult decision to lock out the 205 members of ATU Local 1189 and suspend traditional Guelph Transit service as of 12:01 a.m. July 14. Guelph Transit Mobility Service for pre-booked medical appointments will continue during the labour disruption.

On Saturday, July 12, media representatives are invited to hear comments from Mayor Karen Farbridge and Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert explaining the reasons behind the City’s decision.

What: Media opportunity to ask questions about Guelph Transit union lock out

Who: Mayor Karen Farbridge

Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert

Where: City Hall Galleria, 1 Carden Street, Guelph, ON

When: Saturday, July 12, 11:30 a.m.



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8 responses to “City preparing to lock out Transit union members on July 14

  1. Andrew

    Nothing traditional about there bargaining tatics.
    We will remain willing to work.

  2. Nate

    To the transit union;

    The fact that you guys feel you’re not compensated enough ($20+ an hour) for the work you do is just awful. My mother is a caretaker for the elderly and dying, including individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She cleans them, feeds them, dresses them, moves their heavy bodies around, etc. She comes home routinely with bruises from these people hitting her and grabbing on to her. She comes homes with feces, urine, puke, and/or blood on her uniform almost daily. She sees and cleans up after death. She’s been in this line of work for 15+ years and still doesn’t make the money that Guelph transit drivers make. She has no pension, no benefits; just her paycheck. She knows things should be better for her, but she never complains. She doesn’t talk about it but I know the reason is because she knows the service she provides is essential (just like your own) and that somebody has to do it, no matter the cost to her own body or the paycheck she receives. If nobody does it then far too many will suffer for it. She’s selfless, a quality that 94% of you who voted against providing the people of Guelph this essential service seem to lack on any level.

    You drive a bus. Think about that for a second. There are so many people out there with awful, demanding, nasty jobs far worse than your own, that make far less than you do. That you all feel you’re so above everyone else that you’re willing to cut off these people (they’re the ones who rely on this service) is sickening. Take a look at the world around you. You guys are part of the lucky ones today. You make more than enough money to live. You make more money and are taken care of better than most.

    I’ve lost all respect for each individual involved in this. I wish I knew who the 6% were who voted to keep the buses rolling so that I didn’t have to look at them with the same disgust I feel for the rest of you.


    • john

      Ya Nate its all about wages………..Get informed before you shoot your mouth off comments like “you drive a bus” amazes me however …”She comes home routinely with bruises from these people hitting her and grabbing on to her. She comes homes with feces, urine, puke, and/or blood on her uniform almost daily”. apply to drivers also between the crack heads and drunks, assaults and puke are a regular occurrence on a Friday night bus ride trust me I seen it ..these drivers do more than “drive a bus” ,as I am sure your mom does, however both have there place and 1 isn’t better than the other.Next are you going to compare what a cop /doctor does next? Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you judge… I really think with a self righteous attitude like yours the 6 drunk and high guys at the back of the bus would love to talk………..

      • John

        Nate’s right.

        It IS all about wages.

        the transit workers can complain about procedure and bad faith all they want, but if the numbers were more to their liking, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  3. I just want to publicly state my support of ATU1189 as they fight the Corporation of the City of Guelph.
    The CCOG aparently has enough money to give everyone raises all around (police, EMS, firefighters… double digit increases if you’re on council or are the mayor herself), and enough money to transform an unbroken system into a broken one…. AND enough money for statues, losing lawsuits, vanity projects and more.. but apparently when it comes to Transit employees, it can only come with a big cost to employee rights.
    I have had the dubious pleasure of dealing with the “crack management team” at GT. Nothing says professionalism like a high-salaried negotiator who answers personal emails during a meeting, while rolling her eyes and gasping out loud over anything she hears, and then proceeds to get viciously angry because someone at the table is using big words she doesn’t understand.. Let me tell you, they’re either sharks or clownshoes around that particular water cooler. There was NO attempt at good-faith bargaining by GT management, and they are (as always) living in a spin-zone, when they’re not just flat out lying through their teeth.
    So, GT people, stand strong! I’m on your side, and will continue to support you in this fight!

    Also Nate, your mother does an incredibly difficult and important job. She is UNDERPAID, the bus drivers aren’t overpaid. You should use your anger to try and better her position, instead of using it to tear down other’s modest success!

  4. vicki

    I feel for you Nate. I worked in the exact same business and it is absolutely WRONG that PSWs and similar positions are not given the respect they deserve. I hope you can use your energy to somehow better her position and people like her. Kudos to your mom and to you for sticking up for her.

    • Andrew

      I thank you for your view on our situation .
      You are correct in Your opinion and understanding of our struggle.
      Now let’s get council and public educated. On the real truth.

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