Vote set for City’s final offer to ATU Local 1189

Press release.

Earlier today the City of Guelph received confirmation from the Ontario Labour Relations Board that the “Notice of Taking of Vote” has been issued. The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1189 will vote on the City’s final offer on Friday, July 11 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Results from the Ministry of Labour monitored vote are expected later in the evening of July 11 and will be announced at that time.

The City continues to post negotiation updates at



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8 responses to “Vote set for City’s final offer to ATU Local 1189

  1. Andrew

    A provincial monitored vote may be done once through negotiations it is usually when a impasse was reach in bargaining.
    This was the cities only offer.

    We @ Atu 1189 our not looking for service disruption for the citizen of Guelph.
    All we our looking for is a fair contract .

  2. tom

    As an operator I’m extremely displease with how I am being treated by the city (my employer).
    This ‘final’ contract they are offering is insulting and i will be voting NO

  3. vicki

    It’s a sad day when you have to consider maybe you need to move to another city because you can barely afford to live in the city you work in. I like my job. I help some really awesome people on a day to day basis get around, get to their jobs. live their lives in this city. It is an unfortunate contract offer. It is insulting.

  4. Jeff

    I’ve read it, it’s actually a very fair contract, perhaps too fair. What exactly do you find insulting about it?

    • Mark

      well jeff if you were a employee of transit you would find it an insult.. how did you get access to this disclosed document?

    • vicki

      Jeff all I can say is if you think it’s fair then you haven’t actually read it, you’ve read it and didn’t understand it or the negotiating process or you have a reason to be biased towards the employer because any time a contract comes back as final offer and hasn’t been negotiated to the finish after one of the negotiating parties decides to back out then it is a joke.

  5. Mark

    today the workers at Guelph Transit will have a voice!! As “ambassadors” of the city I am hoping a strong NO is heard loud and clear through the hallways of 170 Watson Rd and through the hallways of 1 Carden St !! To the people of this city if they should lock them out.. we are sorry that was the road they went!

  6. Andrew

    Yes it is road less traveled but one the city to choose.
    As we voted no @ 94% to reject it became clear quite quickly
    That the city staff has driven the transit service into a lockout
    As reported on there media campaign.
    The people of the city should No that service disruption are
    From the exact people who suggest they are Not interested in service
    Disruption but are to blame for them.

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