Call to All Councillors : We need Your Help

From a resident.

All the residents of Downey and connecting streets are calling on the 2 of you Bold enough and Generous enough to forget about ward boundaries and think as Guelphites.

Mayor Farbridge recognized our concerns and sent a Team of Specialists from the Guelph Municipality.

Our request to you, is to put an “Immediate Halt” on adding Bicycle Lanes on Downey until we receive the report of Staff who have met us on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, in the presence of GPS, to discuss very serious issues we have with adding Bicycle Lanes despite the increasing speed and volume of traffic (most of them using Downey as a short cut) and loss of parking on the street.

Mr. Karl Wettstein and Mr. Todd Dennis, our representatives for Ward 6, cannot do it because they already voted against it.

Please help us make Guelph a more peaceful and livable city. Thank you for your highly appreciated cooperation.   NA



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2 responses to “Call to All Councillors : We need Your Help

  1. Luke

    I don’t see the sense in this letter. Bike lanes make streets more peaceful and livable.

    If you think you should keep your on-street parking instead of making the city safer for cyclists, that’s fine, but be honest about it.

  2. Jeff

    If the issue is increasing speeds and volume of traffic then they should definitely add bike lanes.

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