Statement from the Office of the CAO: Urbacon ruling

Press release.

The City of Guelph has received the reasons for Justice Donald MacKenzie’s ruling in the case between the City of Guelph and Urbacon Buildings Group Corp. City staff will now take the time required to review the court document before briefing Council in a closed session meeting June 23. The City will be prepared to comment on the document after Council has been briefed.

The judge ruled on March 31, 2014 that the City of Guelph did not have the right to terminate its contract with Urbacon for the construction of City Hall and the renovation of the Provincial Offences Court. The judge reserved the reasons for his decision. Those reasons were delivered this afternoon in a 64-page decision document.

The City has reserved the right to appeal the court’s ruling.

The amount to be paid has not yet been determined and is the subject of a further trial scheduled for October if the issue cannot be resolved in an alternative dispute resolution forum.

Backgrounder –

litigation regarding City Hall construction
City Hall and Courthouse timeline


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