Ice Storm Assistance Program

Staff memo.

As directed by Council at its meeting of June 9, 2014, a submission was made earlier today to the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing providing an Expression of Interest (EOI) to seek compensation for net of budget municipal expenditures (including Guelph Hydro) under the province’s Ice Storm Assistance Program relating to the December 22, 2013 Ice Storm.
Included in this submission was a signed attestation from the CFO, completed expression of interest forms provided by the province and other supporting
documentation required for the claim. An acknowledgment from the Province of Ontario of this on-line transmittal was received late this afternoon.

As indicated at the June 9, 2014 Council Planning Meeting staff anticipate a protracted dialogue with Ministry officials over the summer leading up to the
program targeted final claims verification dates of August 31, 2014, with funding decisions ultimately being announced in October, 2014. Staff will keep
Council apprised of these discussions as they progress and report out on final decisions once made.

As final note, the link below describes the Ice Storm Assistance program initiative which staff understand in light of the recent provincial election  will continue to be supported.


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