Lise Burcher re-elected to Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board

Press release.

City of Guelph Councillor Lise Burcher has been re-elected to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors. Councillor Burcher has been contributing to FCM since 2005.

“As a mid-size city, we are hitting above our weight by attracting funding for projects considered to be progressive, financially sound and working towards community resilience,” said Councillor Burcher. “We are well known across the country and well considered in terms of our integrated planning and implementation of initiatives relating to economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives.”

Councillor Burcher’s involvement on the FCM Board of Directors has led to building capacity within the City of Guelph through sharing knowledge of other community best practices and ensuring Guelph has a voice at this national forum. FCM has advocated for securing the gas tax with recent indexing and securing an infrastructure fund arrangement with the federal and provincial governments. In Guelph, that has resulted in millions of dollars of funding for infrastructure renewal since 2007.

Councillor Burcher has also chaired FCM’s international program, FCMI, for the past three years. The objectives of the program, currently focused on the Ukraine, the Caribbean, Haiti and several countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, address community capacity building, local economic development and opportunities for bilateral trade. “Our current programs are demonstrating excellent outcomes through our municipal peer-to-peer knowledge sharing foundation. We are working closely with the federal Government to align development objectives with federal funding opportunities to promote government decentralization, local governance, and democratization,” said Councillor Burcher.

FCM Board of Director elections were held at the 77th FCM Annual Conference in Niagara Region from May 30 to June 2, which focused on the following themes:

·The frontline role municipalities play in delivering key services to Canadians;

·Advocacy for the release of the federally-committed $50 billion municipal infrastructure fund;

·Realizing federal commitments towards the FCM mandate for affordable housing; and

·Working with Canada Post to engage in community consultations to identify community impacts to reduced or eliminated service and to explore alternatives.

The FCM Board of Directors includes 17 elected municipal officials in Ontario with a total of 72 directors from all regions and various-sized communities throughout Canada. The Board meets quarterly to form a broad base of support for policy priorities that reflect the concerns of municipal governments and carries the municipal message to the Government of Canada.


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