Cycling Survival Skills for Urban Riding (Intro to CanBike)

I don’t feel safe on my bike! canbike
That’s one of the most common reasons people use for not cycling . Of course they know it’s better for the environment and their health, but they just don’t feel safe – especially on streets. Riding your bike in traffic can be a daunting task. Learn how to take control, gain confidence and have drivers show you respect on the road.

Based on the national CanBike program this one-day cycling class for adults will build on the technical basics of riding and traffic dynamics to help cyclists feel more confident and deal with emergency techniques while riding in traffic.

The instructor has taught CanBike programs to almost a thousand people including police officers, adults, high school students and children. A real ‘must’ for anyone that wants to ride more confidently in the city!

More Information:

Poster – Intro to CanBIKE 06 2014 – Transition




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