148-160 Delhi-Homewood

Staff memo.

Thank-you for your inquiry into the proposed consent to sever and related minor variance applications submitted for the Homewood Health Centre property at 148-160 Delhi Street (applications B-19/14, A-57/14 and A-58/14). In speaking  with the applicants, they are applying for consent to sever the property for refinancing/mortgage purposes. They have indicated that we can share the purpose of the consent applications with the public, and wanted to assure everyone that despite the severance, the parent ownership of Homewood will continue by Schlegel Health Care.

To support the proposed consent, the applicant needs to complete technical
studies of the property such as an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and also a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA). As such, these applications are premature, and the applicant will be requesting deferral at the June 12, 2014 Committee of Adjustment Hearing to allow time to undertake the required studies. Planning staff can concur with a deferral at this time and are not preparing to make a recommendation to the Committee to approve or deny.


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