The provincial election

From a resident.

It has been a while since I last emailed you, so I thought you would be interested in an email I just sent to all the candidates running for provincial election in Guelph. Feel free to post it on your blog, or even parts of it that you can critique in the blog posting.

“Good afternoon.
Simply put, I would like you to email me a simply point by point “plan” of what you plan to do if elected as the representative of Guelph for the province of Ontario.
I have read over your website of coarse and tried to read and watch what I could through the media. However I have found this tends to focus far too often on your “leader”.
Let me be perfectly clear, I understand the who the leader of your party is, but I am of the strong belief that if you are elected by the people of Guelph, then your true “leader” above all others is the citizens of Guelph, period. I am quite sick to death of watching advertisements claiming “We must stop Tim Hudak”, or “We can’t trust Katherine Wynne”, and “Andrea Horwath is a hypocrite.” I cannot vote for any of these people, they are not running in my riding, you are. Should other parties, or groups wish to not have these individuals elected, then go to their ridings and campaign against them there. This is not the United States, we do not vote for the party’s leader here, and any such talk by any of the parties is what truly pushes us towards being more like the States politically. I believe at least.
So, with this is mind, if you are elected, I expect you to do what your constituents want, period. And if that happens to be ad odds with what your party wants you to do, so be it.
Again, I would like a point by point version of what YOU would do if elected, so that I may make an informed decision  JS



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3 responses to “The provincial election

  1. Dave Wright

    Completly agree, let us know if you receive a response !

  2. Justin S

    Update. I sent this email on May 29th. Since then [ie today on June 4th] I have recieved exactly ONE reply. This came from Juanita Burnett of the Communist Party. Sadly I cannot agree with very many of the points in Ms Burnett’s reply, but we have had an ongoing discussion since then. Due to my job, I have had to vote early at an advance poll, however if this is going to be indicitive of how OUR MPP acts [from whichever party they accosiate] Be prepared to have zero communication on their part on what they will be doing in the legislature [incidentally, I did not expect a reply from Ms Sandals, as this has been exactly my experience with her in the past.]

    • Don

      Justin although I see what you’re trying to do here I think your outcome was predictable. Candidates have to reach thousands of voters in a very short period of time. They simply don’t have time to respond to individual inquiries such as yours. The communist candidate did because she is the metaphorical lonely cat lady of provincial politics. She’s probably amazed anybody contacted her. Asking her what she would do if elected is pointless unless all the other candidates mysteriously die . I applaud you for wanting to be informed but I don’t think that your expectations are fair. If you want to know what to expect from an incumbent then check her track record . It’s public record. Electioneering is a carefully planned out process . They are not going to make an eleventh hour change to the process at the request of one individual.

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