Letter to Editor re Motorcycle Noise bylaw

From a resident.

Well it was no surprise to me that I am reading since the inception of this discriminatory , wastefull by law has produced no fruit

I commented on the lead up to and spoke to council on vote night on the matter . Not only was there only opponents that night speaking other than the sales person whom attended to promote the equipment . Two Councilors Guthrie and Kovack advised that they would not support it as it was going to cost in training and resourse time for no substantial purpose .

The test itself is flawed it has presumptions of flexibility for antique bikes without discretion in law . It is discriminatory against one type of motor vehical when it was clearly accepted the larger year round problem of vehical noise was not motorcycles at all . The test has been successfully defeated in court in Edmonton repeatedly .

I guess we now have a couple of paperweight test equipment pcs and lots of training hours to add up . I guarantee nobody changed there exhaust and removed what they felt necessary for they’re personal safety or through out there old bikes due to this

However I do know that many riding groups who spend a great deal of money at local restaurants motels etc while traveling flagged Guelph last riding season as a place not to be as unwelcoming to bikes

Well hopefully this brings about another reason for a change in council and leadership this year DM



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5 responses to “Letter to Editor re Motorcycle Noise bylaw

  1. Jade

    I… Don’t even understand this. Is this person for or against? Was Gyelph flagged as a place not to go? Or a place that is welcoming? Perhaps if you want to be taken seriously you should have some one grammar and spell check your letters, so that they are at least clear on your position. I really have no idea why this was posted.

    • Don

      DM is saying that the bylaw is pointless , he or she did not support it, time and money were wasted on training and equipment. Also revenue was lost as motorcycle enthusiasts from other communities avoided riding through Guelph which means they did not stop here and spend their money. There was an editorial in the Tribune this week indicating that bylaw officers have not charged anyone for excess motorcycle noise yet. By the way, you spelled Guelph incorrectly and “Or a place that is welcoming?”, is a sentence fragment.

      • Jade

        I realize that I am not the end all and be all of grammar and spelling. But at least my comment was understandable.
        Thanks for clarifying this letter though.

    • John

      Skitt’s Law. FTW.

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