Wolfond Tree Planting Sunday June 1st 10am to noon

wolfond park planting flyer

Neighbourhood news.

Tree planting in your community!

Wolfond park tree planting

Sunday June 1 (10 am to noon) At Wolfond Park (Arthur Street North)

Please join us, and be a part of the Speed River Project to plant native trees and shrubs along the bank of the river.

There are various reasons we need to plant tree along the river. Some of the benefits are as follows:

-Restoration of riparian buffer zone slows down surface runoff, reduces river bank erosion, and traps pollutants. Reduced runoff of pollutants reduces algal bloom in the river stream.

-Trees and shrubs increase water storage capacity within the local sub-watershed.

– Tree canopies along the riverbank reduce water temperature and increase dissolved oxygen in the water. Increased oxygen in water increases aquatic biodiversity.

– Planting trees and shrubs increases plant biodiversity in the riparian buffer zone, and provides better habitat for wildlife.

This event will include planting native trees and shrubs as well as pruning, mulching and removal invasive species. We can continue our dialogue about our river systems, and various ways to improve the quality of water for ourselves and our downstream communities.

This is a fun, family friendly event! Please bring sun or rain gear, and some other tools shovels, pails and wheelbarrow if you have them.

Refreshments will be served!
For more information contact: e-mail speedriver@opirgguelph.org


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