Wilson Farm House

Resident’s comments.

Sorry to see that this did not go through. Sorry that the rest of City Council is so shortsighted. Any house which is neglected for over 10 years is going to look derelict.Not a very responsible owner. I have been canvassing over the past 2 weeks and am quite appalled by the number of run down houses I am seeing where the owners are not doing maintenance. Probably a lot of absentee landlords but I would not think that these houses are all ready for demolition. You should see what a young couple have done with a very derelict old church in Elora.They have a lot of work to do yet but for the effort so far, they are getting the Gordon Couling award from the local ACO chapter. It was ready for the wrecking ball but they had a vision,energy and not a lot of money. Keep trying.   MA



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2 responses to “Wilson Farm House

  1. Jacquie Norris

    Sorry that the city is so indifferent to what could have been a great project. An agreement with one of the colleges would have allowed the sudents in carpentry, plumbing, etc. to gain experience in their fields and cut the costs.
    To bad when something is given to the city they are incapable to folling through.

  2. SG

    Yes I would say that, I feel that progressive, environmentally friendly , protection of heritage is not in the vocabualry and that the loss of this farmhouse is a major embarrassment for a city that is suppose to pride themsleves of the above philosophy.

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