Wilson Farm House

A resident’s perspective.

I realise I am too late to submit comments before tonight’s council meeting but I would like to express my continued disappointment in this process.

How can council make a decision if they are not informed of the financial information of each proposal? I don’t remember voting for city staff. I have not elected them to make decisions. They are not accountable to me so why are they holding back information that council should have in order to make an informed decision and why are they the ones making the decision?

It seems senseless to me when you have five proposals to make use of the house to dump $50,000 to demolish it. Many of you continue to think that spending $100,000 a year for sidewalk plows to basically drive around the city and do nothing, good value but can’t see your way to investing a few hundred thousand to maintain an asset far into the future after the few complaining homeowner’s are long gone.

You have betrayed the trust of those of us that thought this property would be maintained or sold, to satisfy a few local residents. JB


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