Stone Road – Four Lane Roadway Proposal

A resident’s comments.

It is proposed to widen Stone Road, East of Gordon to four lanes. Below I have provided an example where a two lane road way works in a very efficient manor. It’s setting is very similar to
University of Guelph and it’s natural wood lots.

Specifically, Mississauga Road, (University of Toronto Campus) north of Dundas Highway. Mississauga, Ontario.

Mississauga Road was maintained as a two lane road way as it passes by Erindale Campus, University of Toronto, then continues north thru the forest area west of the Credit River Valley. This area is probably one of the most beautiful natural forest areas of Mississauga.
It’s probably best to view the street using “Google Street view” You will see how clever the City of Mississauga Engineers designed the two lane roadway thru this area. South and North of this area it is four lanes.

Mississauga Road is a key North South Route in Mississauga, interchanges at 401 & QEW,
Traffic volume is much higher then Stone Road, but due to the two lane design. Its efficient.

The City of Guelph could do the same, using Mississauga Road as an example.The City of Mississauga responded to input and the to request to maintain it as a two lane roadway. This roadway is a real pleasure for motorists and cyclists alike. The natural environment has been preserved for ever by the foresight of the City of Mississauga. Guelph can do the same.

Stone Road east of Gordon will be a four lane roadway to no-where. The University wood lots
on the north and south sides do not need four lanes. Stone Road can function very efficiently as a two lane road, with the introduction of turning lanes. Mississauga Road is an example of conservation, using a two lane roadway, thus an appreciation of the natural environment for all to enjoy.

The City of Guelph should consider Mississauga Road.
Location Reference:

Mississauga Road Google Map  JH



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3 responses to “Stone Road – Four Lane Roadway Proposal

  1. Marcia

    No need to widen Stone Road for additional traffic. Widen it for a comfortable, separated bicycle path to prioritize cycling as a safe and efficient form of transportation. It will cost less to make a designated,bicycle path away from traffic than any car-lane would cost! It is time, city of Guelph. In Copenhagen: for every safe bicycle path built, bicycle riding increase by 20%. Now that is money well-spent.

  2. Ron

    The section of Mississauga Road referred to is not truly an “arterial” road as Stone Road in Guelph is. It does NOT connect with the 401 at all. It intersects with Erin Mills Parkway just south of the 401. Erin Mills then turns into Mississauga Road.
    Referring to that section of Mississauga road as a “key” north/south route is misleading. Mavis Rd. and Erin Mills Pkwy. are in fact the major north/south routes in that area.
    One of the major reasons the section of Mississauga Road is two lanes by the Erindale campus is in fact for traffic calming.. Mississauga Rd. is also two lanes and only 40kph through Streetsville.

    Stone Road needs to be resurfaced and should be widened. The road allowance is already there. Simply pave the shoulders.

  3. Marcia

    Say NO to another road expansion. We meed more smart bicycle paths that are cleared off snow in winter. Not more lanes for cars.

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