2014 Annual Pavement Marking Painting Program

Staff memo.

The following provides detailed information which may be of interest regarding the 2014 Annual Pavement Marking Painting Program that is undertaken through the direction of Public Works.
One of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient roadway is the uniform application of pavement markings to delineate the roadway path and specific traffic lanes. Pavement markings can communicate information to road users like no other traffic control device. They provide continuous information to road users related to the roadway alignment, vehicle positioning, and other important driving-related tasks.

There are two separate pavement marking operations. One being for longitudinal pavement markings, such as centre lines, lane lines, bike lanes, edge lines, storage lanes, transition and continuity lines etc. (2014 budget $93,200). The second operation is for transverse markings such as intersection crosswalk lines and stop bars, school crossings, railway crossings and special markings, such as, turn arrows, bicycle markings, speed humps and roadway lettering etc. (2014 budget $84,900).

As both operations take place in the evening in an effort to reduce the impact on the travelling public, they cannot begin until the night time temperature is above 7 degrees. Therefore, the operations begin in the middle to late part of May and end usually in October. There have been and will continue to be exceptions to the start and end date based upon staff assessed safety to the public using our transportation network.

The typical scheduled work is outlined below:

– longitudinal pavement markings are installed in the evenings beginning in middle to late May and take approximately 4 weeks or until the end of June to complete
– transverse and special markings are installed in the evenings beginning in middle to late May; crosswalks, stops bars are installed first; railway crossings, arrow indications second and other specialized symbols third; this program can last into October to complete

Of Note:

1. Pavement markings are only applied once every year;
2. These two programs do not include the installation of pavement markings in conjunction with road improvement projects through the Engineering Department


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  1. Jacquie Norris

    Does the city not have one rule for bike lanes. I have found some to be wide enough to park a car why others are narrow. Road markings for bike paths differ – some have a sold line up to the corner, while other have a broken line as it gets closer to the corner. Some have bike paths on one side of the road but none on the other side. Some paths go from a corner to a couple of street uup

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