Province appoints conciliator for City and ATU negotiations

Press release.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has appointed a conciliator, Greg Long, to assist with resolving outstanding labour bargaining matters between the City and the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1189.

Negotiations between the City and ATU are scheduled to resume May 13.

“We look forward to sitting down again with the ATU, with the help of a conciliator, and continuing negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial agreement,” said David Godwaldt, the City’s general manager of Human Resources. “We’re committed to negotiating a fair contract that balances competitive compensation for Guelph Transit employees and long-term affordability for Guelph taxpayers.”

The City requested the assistance of a conciliator from the MOL on March 27 to help move bargaining forward.

Since last fall, the City and ATU have met a total of 14 days to negotiate the terms of a new contract for the City’s 205 Guelph Transit employees. Although the discussions to date have been respectful, they have not achieved the progress the City expects.

For more information about the collective bargaining process and the previous contract agreement between the City and ATU Local 1189, visit


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