DELAYED DUE TO WEATHER – Spring Street Sweeping Program

Staff memo.

Reference: City News notice, Guelph Tribune Thursday April 10th, 2014

As a result of significant rainfall and freezing temperatures being forecast for the next 72 hrs, staff have delayed the contractors from starting their work tomorrow morning with their large street sweepers. These large machines are not effective under these conditions and therefore it is prudent to delay this work in order to be more effective. Thus, this work will now start on Tuesday, April 22nd and will continue for approximately eight (8) business days.

Please note that City staff have been, and will continue to, “prepare” for this contracted work by brushing off all boulevards and intersections ahead of time.

Also, it is understood that the amount of cyclists are increasing substantially, in the last week or so, given the better weather we have been experiencing. Therefore, direction has been given to use our own machine road sweepers to remove grit on the bicycle lanes of Gordon St, College Ave, Stone Rd, and Woolwich Sts. with a view to improving safety as soon as possible.


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