Help Celebrate GPL’s Paperbag Princess Day on May 1st!

Library press release.

Who loves Robert Munsch books? The Guelph Public Library sure does! Home to Munsch’s infamous Paperbag Princess, the GPL will be hosting a city-wide “Paperbag Princess” Day on Thursday, May 1st 2014. With her hair a mess and crown slightly skewed, the paperbag princess is a recognizable by everyone in the world and especially in our “royal” city –

which of course, is fit for a princess.
Did you know The Paperbag Princess was first published on May 1st, 1980 by Annick Press?

We would like to invite you to be part of these celebrations to help promote the love of reading in our royal city and to honour this world-renowned author! How can you participate, you say? Help us to make this day a success by decorating your store fronts in a “paper” theme for the May 1st celebrations or creating an in-house display.

Here are some sample ideas:

·Paperbag princess looking at your business’ clothing & accessories

·Display merchandise in the shape of a crown

·Create your own version of the paperbag princess and/or dragon

·Use your own store bags to decorate an eco-friendly display

·Brown bag lunch or food displays fit for a royal festivity

·Paper flowers to celebrate the season

Let your creativity run rampant and share your love of reading with your customers!

The GPL is also proud to unveil a limited edition Paperbag Princess Eco shopping bag to the public this May 1st. Made of 70% paper and 30% polyester, this durable reusable bag will transport your books, movies, lunches, gym shoes and so much more! Squish it, squash it, crinkle it. The more you use it, the more it looks like a paper bag. Former GPL staff member and local artist, Sami Kelsh, created this engaging Paperbag Princess graphic. With her bare feet, book in her arm and love for the library and her community, the paperbag princess is set to travel with you anywhere you go! Would your business be interested in helping to merchandise this limited edition bag, where all proceeds directly support a new main library for Guelph?

How does participating benefit my business? The Guelph Public Library is committed to actively promoting all businesses who participate in this community-wide literacy campaign by helping to drive awareness and traffic to your business. A feature will also be included our monthly eNewsletter about the participating stores and GPL’s Paperbag Princess will make a special appearance to your store for a photo shoot with your customers, which will be featured our social media sites:

@GuelphLibrary @GPLpbagPrincess

Together, we can make this “ROYAL” city paperbag princess celebration event a GIANT success! Share your love of literacy along with our beloved princess and support the next chapter of the library’s drive for a new main library!

Please contact Lisa Cunningham,, or at 519-824-6220 ext. 239 if you would like to participate or discover other ways the library can become your best friend! I look forward and am open to discussing new opportunities that would be mutually beneficial to all!


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