roads and painting

A resident’s comments.

As a concerned motorist in this city I find it very upsetting that the city is considering putting what has all ready been shown to be a failure in KW, traffic circles (round abouts) in this city. Its bad enough that the city ignores the law that being “The highway traffic act” by creating bike lanes, the law clearly states that bicycles are vehicles and MUST abide by the rules of the road, it does NOT say that they are in any way special and should have a special lane. Please stop this madness and do not put a traffic circle anywhere in this city, I am also asking you to use your power and remove these traffic safety hazards from our streets.LS


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  1. Dennis Galon

    Gee LS, I was intrigued by your comment on roundabouts in KW, and thought that perhaps you might provide guidance to further information about the KW experience. Instead, I read a bold, unsubstantiated judgement implying that everyone agrees they are a failure. Sorry, LS, against your wild assertion, I prefer the experience of the British Isles, where, I believe they have discovered that roundabouts deployed in a major way are a brilliant solution of traffic jams at major intersections, and regularly provide an much less expensive solution than full clover leaf exchanges. Sure they require some getting used to, but if they can move traffic more efficiently at much less cost that controlled access exchanges, they I say bring them on.

    OK, so I disagree with you about roundabouts, but LS, I got to tell you I am truly perplexed about your comments on bike lanes. You propose that we accept that they are illegal because they are not mentioned in the highway act? Golly gosh, with bike lanes being deployed in cities throughout Ontario, do you really ask use to accept your judgement that they are illegal? You are inviting us to believe that the legal department of every city with bike lanes is incompetent, failing to conduct the most elementary legal research to protect their cities from liability.

    Sure, I can imagine one legal department in one municipality somewhere pulling such a boner, but not in all of the cities with bike lanes.

    Still, respectfully, I ask, no you have any references for you contention bike lanes are illegal?

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