Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments 60 Woodlawn Road East ( file OP1303ZC1310)

A resident’s perspective.

I am writing to you reconfirmiing my complete objections to the illegal building and operations of these two private industries embedded in the midst of 192 Long-Term-Care (LTC) patients sponsored and financially supported by the Ministy of Health—-(my last e-mail to you dated prior to the City Council Public meeting dated October 7,2013)
My wife became a resident at this location with Alzheimer’s/Dementia mid-July 2011.It took myself and other family members several months to calm her down from being aggressively belligerent and to get her to accept her new home, but after a few months the construction of the new Dr’s clinic and the operation of a post-secondary school upset her considerably taking her back to day one.For nearly two years now Family and Resident Council’s have met with Schlegel Villages to air our complaints and for the health and welfare of our loved one’s. These concerns are more than well known by the owners but now as another stalling tatic have hired a professional expert in Long Term Care operatons to review and examine the process and issues related to the siting and development of the Village Health Centre and Conestoga College Post Secondary college programs within Riverside Glen
The review was conducted by Dr.KV with many reviews being on a one-to-one basis, as mine was. I asked, Why another review now?—and at whose request? The request was from the owners who will receive the Dr’s summary and recommendations and finally –will they be acted upon? the Dr. could not answer this.The Dr.related to me that JS had received reports of conflicts, disention etc between residents and the operating executive and Dr. V was contracted to seek out the causes and recommend what could be done to rectify the unhealthy situation She added that she knew nothing about the illegality of the two private industries as was not on her agenda or included in her contract to do so– Dr. V stated with me that her report would be released to residents and family members as is, at the same time as given to the owners. On the day of de-briefing,(one day after the three or four days of briefing) this reference was changed to state that the owners only will decide if and when the Dr’s report would be released. Obviously to me this action appears to be a cover -up whilst the Schlegel Corp. decdes to ignor the City of Guelph’s Zoning and Building By-Laws,at the same time convince the city to ammend these laws to serve the well recognized philanthropic interests of Ron Schlegel with his founding and in partnership with the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging. As related to me when applying for my wife to obtain nursing home help( Ontario government financial supported Long-Term-Care) had nothing to do with RS’s Mission to incorporate such LTC. facilities into his creation of an internal neighbourhood community. As assessed by the CCAC my wife needed to move out from a community setting and into a long-term-care home ,this she did and finally became comfortable in her new home and surroundings—–until—–the owners decided to build and operate these two private businessess in the vicinity of her home making it a part of Schlegel’s vision of just another village community. Why would my wife want to move back into another community
The elected City Councilors of the past who established the original zoning and building By-Laws would have given much thought and consideration with establishing these laws for the overall benefits of all the citizens of the City of Guelph and not to be totally ignored when it suits any individual. While many of us acknowledge the research work being done for the aged,it need not be carried on the home rented properties of Long-Term -Care residents( nursing care patients) They should be asked to relocate immediately.
I look forward to the wisdom of Guelph City Council by denying Riverside Glen their application to ammend the current Zoning By-Laws AD



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2 responses to “Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments 60 Woodlawn Road East ( file OP1303ZC1310)

  1. Star

    The operation and construction of the college at Riverside Glen was actually already complete and running well before 2011… When this gentleman’s wife moved into Riverside Glen. Students were already active in the building at this time…It is highly unlikely that this operation would have had anything to do with her regression. As a knowledgeable health care worker myself, I know it is very common for those with dementia to experience these periods of regression as a normal part of the disease process. The students who have contact with residents with this type of dementia do so within the role of health care providers, so residents benefit from their services as students have extra time to give, all the up to date knowledge and skills and the patience and caring needed for someone with this disease. The only residents that the students have contact with outside of the healthcare role are those who sit in the cafe, library or outdoors. Those who continue to enjoy company and conversation. The students do not enter the dementia units or ANY of the units unless on a clinical placement. Did you know ALL nursing homes have students who do clinical placements with their residents? Sure, riverside Glen is lucky to have the school on-site… But all facilities including hospitals, hospices, home are agencies etcetera have students. This is nothing new… In fact this is how nursing schools used to be. That this is how nurses and health care workers…. The very ones that will graduate and care for our community’s elderly learn best. You can’t learn caring in a classroom. You can’t learn patience and compassion in a classroom. They are not harming anyone, they are cintributing to the resident’s care and the healthy social atmosphere needed within a nursing home environment. Gone are the days when out older adults are left alone in their rooms in long term care… Let’s keep life vibrant and alive… Just because these individuals are elderly doesn’t mean they want to be alone, taking their pills and waiting for the end to come. Here, they have a chance to contribute to something… The education of the next generation of healthcare workers and most residents and family members feel respected, appreciated, included and with purpose. Everyone needs a purpose in life, even after institualization.

  2. Don

    I find the tone of your reply disturbing. If you are , as you say, a “knowledgeable health care worker” , then at some point you should have been taught to be compassionate to the families of patients and not to pull opinions out of thin air. The facility in question did not apply for a zoning change to operate legally until late 2013 so it is operating illegally. This gentleman obviously feels strongly that it’s presence there contributed to his wife’s decline. Whether he is correct or not it is extremely arrogant of you to offer what is in effect a medical opinion to people you never met. If you don’t know him you have no idea what interaction the staff (or students) had with his wife. If in fact you had any medical training l don’t doubt that you would have learned that offering such an opinion is contrary to the ethics of any health care professional. Basically you’re attacking the guy and telling him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about even though you have no specific information to base your opinion on. For crying out loud he’s trying to care for his wife. Where’s the “patience and compassion” you’re ranting about.

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