2 rivers
Our Four Seasons Rivers
The 2Rivers Festival occurs in early June but our river system is here all year long, always flowing and always a vibrant site for nature. If you are getting some of that cabin fever feeling as winter hangs on, take a short trip along one of the river system trails and observe the wonderland that is in our midst. You don’t need to travel far to be refreshed.
Our Rivers Need You

Programming is underway for this year’s festival. Our festival model is to have interested local groups organize program events that are then centrally scheduled and promoted. New ideas are always welcome. Contact us at tworiversfest@gmail.com.

Share this newsletter with your network of family and friends to let them know of this beautiful natural resource right on our doorstep. They can sign up to receive this newsletter here.

Share your local river experiences and sightings and we will share them in our newsletter. We love to hear from you! Send us an email at
tworiversfest@gmail.com or you can tweet us your sightings

Volunteer with the festival organizing committee. You can reach us by calling 519-826-0392 or emailing

20 Years as a Canadian Heritage River

Twenty years ago the Grand River and its tributaries were declared a heritage river and part of Canada’s Heritage River System. Learn about this heritage designation in the Grand River watershed newsletter.

Winter on the Speed

Over the last month, Carl Griffin captured some beautiful river scenes with his camera along the banks of the Speed River here in Guelph. Thanks for sharing, Carl!

River Advocacy for River Welfare

An updated plan for the development of 5 Arthur Street South has been submitted to the city. Here is a visual of the river side of part of this development (Note: The drawing does not accurately reflect the drop in grade to the water’s edge or the presence of the current walls for retaining purposes. Also, the proposal calls for a 15 meter river walk zone along the river that will have to fulfill a number of functions.)

The Speedvale Avenue bridge reconstruction provides an opportunity for the river trail to pass under this very busy road for better trail connectivity. Whether this occurs or not will depend on capital budget allocations by the parks department to create this trail link once construction is completed.
A Public Information Centre for this redevelopment will be held Wednesday, April 9, 2014 6-8 p.m. at Parkview Church, 89 Speedvale Avenue East, Guelph.
For more information on the trail connectivity possibility contact Guelph Coalition for Active Transport through activeguelph@gmail.com.
River Sightings and Experiences

One or more Bald Eagles continue to grace the river system this winter. If you hear the local crows make a racket look up and you might see this fabulous winter visitor.

Our wintering male Hooded Merganser can often been seen on downtown stretches of the Speed.

The Speed River (and a handful of dedicated volunteers) offered up some wonderful skating opportunities this winter. Thanks to all who made this happen!
Upcoming River Related Events
March 22 – World Water Day celebrations at Guelph City Hall.
March 22 @ 1pm – Beginner’s Hike with the Guelph Hiking Trail Club on the Royal Recreation Trail.
A good start to get back in shape if you have been idle over the winter. Meet at 1 pm at the Guelph covered bridge on Gordon Street to hike from Gordon street to Victoria Road then back along the Cutten Club below the cliff to James St. East and back to the cars. No pets please. Bring water. [1-1.5 Hrs / Level 1. Speed Moderate / Helen Francis 519-822-0312]
Sat Mar 29 @ 1 p.m. – Hiking the Speed River Trail – Section 1 with the Guelph Hiking Trail Club. Meet at the Guelph Humane Society for a 2hr. loop hike along the Speed River. Leader: Norm 519-836-3568 Level 2. Speed Moderate.


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